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Our financial advisors believe in providing one-on-one service. They listen to your requirements and financial goals and offer tailored plans in language that you understand.

Health and wellness – something to consider

Finally we are having milder days, let’s hope it continues.

One area of my practice which is gaining momentum is Group Benefits planning. As a Certified Financial Planner one of the areas I provide advice on is a client’s drug plan, dental plan, and extended health plan – not to mention life insurance. More and more clients are either having me review their benefits plan booklet or referring me to the administrator who manages the plan at their place of business. That said, with my existing Group Benefit clients, an area of interest is health and wellness.

Health and wellness is not so much a preventative measure to help curb the costs of an organization’s Group Benefits plan, but it is also a way of making smart, informed choices about your personal health and life-style.

On this note, I decided to include a short video from a Toronto Maple Leaf strength and conditioning coach on the importance of nutrition, exercise, and rest. Hope this helps!



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