Our financial advisors believe in providing one-on-one service. They listen to your requirements and financial goals and offer tailored plans in language that you understand.

Your Financial World Starts Here At Security Financial Services & Investment Corp.

Security Financial specializes in providing leading edge tax, estate and retirement planning along with exceptional investment expertise and product solutions to discriminating individuals and corporations who are looking for alternative strategies and fresh new ideas to achieve their goals.

We offer and distribute a broad array of investment products and services that help our clients build and manage their financial goals and dreams. Our comprehensive and personalized financial planning approach is built on a long-term relationship with you through one of our knowledgeable financial advisors who are dedicated to help you prepare today for the future.

We are here to help build your wealth..

As a firm, we combine our own skills and knowledge with the experience of the best professionals in the industry such as: estate lawyers, tax accountants and product specialists. We also provide an extensive array of products to fit every possible need a client may require to compliment their financial plan. These combined resources allow us to provide the highest level of expertise to our clients.

Our financial services consist of the following:

Tax Planning:

Income splitting, leveraging, tax waivers, estate freezes, tax preferred investments, charitable remainder trusts, tax deferral and minimization, and tax return preparation services through our referral arrangements.  For more information contact us today.

Estate Planning:

Wills, Powers of Attorney, trusts, holding companies, offsetting income taxes and probate fees upon death. Estate planning will allow you to be remembered the way you want. Leave a legacy to the ones you love that reflects your wishes and gives purpose to what you’ve accomplished in your life. For more information on estate planning contact us today.

Cash Management:

Through our strategic alliances we provide a wide range of guaranteed deposits, and Guaranteed Investment Certificates for you to choose from based on your goals and objectives.  Need to know more?  Check out our best deposit rates.

Mortgage Planning:

Whether you need a mortgage, loan, or line of credit, Security Financial can help. With a vast lending channel at our disposal, we are able to provide clients with a much wider selection of financing options from competing lenders in the marketplace. Find out more about our Mortgage Services. Financing products are not conducted through Security Financial nor are they the business of Security Financial.  Mortgages and other financing options are conducted through CENTUM One Financial Group.

Insurance Planning:

Term, whole-life, universal life, disability, critical illness, long-term health insurance.  Insurance sales are not conducted through Security Financial nor are they the business of Security Financial.  Insurance sales are conducted through Qualified Financial Services (QFS), a Managing General Agency.  Find out more from Security Financial Services, contact us today.

Education Planning:

Registered education plans, informal trusts. A Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) is a special savings account that can help you, your family, or your friends save early for your child’s education after high school. For more information contact us today

Corporate Planning:

Business succession planning, buy/sell agreements for life and disability buyouts, registered pension plans, individual pension plans, retirement compensation agreements, group RRSPs and group benefits (medical, dental, vision). Group benefits are not conducted through Security Financial nor are they the business of Security Financial.  Insurance sales are conducted through the insurance carrier directly.  Speak with the experts contact us today

Retirement Planning:

Are you reading this because you’re near retirement or are you just curious? Either way, you’re thinking about retirement planning so you’re certainly doing a smart thing. RRSPs, RRIFs, LIRAs, LRIFs, annuities, review of benefits such as CPP, OAS, and GIS, and the analysis of registered pension plans, deferred profit sharing plans, severance packages, and retirement packages.  Find out more contact us today.

Investment Planning:

Mutual funds, portfolio funds, fee based managed asset programs, money market instruments, high interest savings accounts and Guaranteed Investment Certificates. Sound, strategic and personalized advice, or support, as you prefer, regardless of the complexity of your financial affairs. Contact us today.

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